Fox News Interviews Charlotte NC Home Inspector

Recenty Morgan Fogarty of Fox News Charlotte interviewed Charlotte Home Inspector Preston Sandlin about an alrming trend. Some Charlotte Buyers are opting out of the cost for the inspection to save a little money. According to NACHI The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, the average repair cost for a home being bought is a little over $1600. The average inspection cost is $350-$400. Its a no brainer to get a home inspection. Charlotte home inspector Preston Sandlin says he had a house with $60,000 worth of damage. Morgan Fogarty says the only time you may not want to get an inspection is if your are buying a house from your parents. For more information about home inspection vist Preston’s site


Charlotte Home Inspector Explains What a Fogged Window Is

Home Inspection Carolina inspector Preston Sandlin shows and explains exactly what a fogged or window with a broken seal is. When the seal breaks in a window you cannot clean it and it losses R value. If you are moving to the Charlotte NC area and are interested in the most horough home inspection money can buy call Home Inspection Carolina (704) 542-6575


Bad Foundation Found on Charlotte Home Inspection Charlotte NC home inspector Chip Sprague found a poor poor foundation while inspecting a Charlotte NC home. Watch this video as Chip shows and explains about severe settlement under a foundation. If you a thinking about buying a home in Charlotte NC call Home Inspection Carolina.


Charlotte Home Inspector Shows You How To Clean A Dishwasher home inspector Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina in Charlotte Nc shows how to maintain clean and make your dishwasher last longer. Preston explains the two places he normally sees leak during home inspections and explains how to clean them.


Charlotte Home Inspector Finds Moisture Damage in a Crawlspace Charlotte home inspector Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina was inspecting a home in Monroe NC when he found that it had qute a bit of high moisture damage The joists had actually compressed from the moisture compromising the structural integrity of the floor system. This did not happen overnight. This crawl space had high moiture over 20% for a long period of time.


The Termites Ate My House Up Charlotte home inspectors Preston Sandlin and Patrick Waddell have found many termites in many different houses while performing home inspections and termite inspections in Charlotte, Gastonia, Monroe, Weddington, Waxhaw, Kannapolis, Concord and Lake Norman. If you live in the South, termites are a fact of life. If you catch the termites in time the do little damage. If termites have infested over a long period of time though they can do considerable damage as you will see in this video. Unfortunately most people do not have a termite inspection or a home inspection until they sell their house. We recommend having annual termite inspections and annual home maintenence inspections. If you have any termite or home inspection questions don’t hesitate to call Home Inspection Carolina at


Charlotte Home Inspector on HGTV Charlotte home inspector Preston Sandlin was recently on HGTV’s My First Sale. The Cornelius sellers were selling their home to move up and take their kids out of daycare. They had an offer but there was siding issue that the Charlotte home inspector found and there was an issue with the dog next store that kept barking and was a little on the mean side. The first buyers decided not to move forward. I didn’t kill the deal Preston said, It was the dog. Fortunately another buyer came along and bought the house and they weren’t even concerned with the siding issue.


The Three Little Pigs Get a Home Inspection In Charlotte Home Inspection Carolina has put on a reproduction of the Three Little Pigs. We all know the story of how the wof blew the first and second house down. What they didn’t tell you is that the first two pigs didn’t have a quality home inspection. If they would have had their inspection done by Home Inspection Carolina in Charlotte NC, the first two houses wouldn’t have been blown down by the wolf. Fortunately, the third pig had his house inspected by Home Inspection Carolina. Join Meredith, Sarah Margaret, Walker, and Connor as the weave the true story of the Three Little Pigs.